Ad hoc furniture?

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Arredamento su misura
Arredamento su misura

When you'll come to visit us in our studio at Azzurro Cucine in Prato, we will make an initial sketch of the piece of furniture tailored to your needs, whether it's an adaptation of existing models, or creating a piece of furniture completely new.

After our meeting we will create a more detailed design, which will include all the variations requested, such as adaptations of size or the capability to fit items such as TV or HIFI equipment.

The project will be accompanied by a free estimate, and the piece of furniture can then be produced ​​entirely by hand, according to the requirements.

All models of the Metropolitan line and most of those of the Class line are fully customizable, and the modular structure of the Metropolitan, the design of which is based on a series of repeatable elements, makes the products naturally predisposed to personalization.

This is exactly the principle upon which all the Eugenia Manetti creations are based: Each item of furniture, whether it's created as part of the presentation line or it is made ​​to measure, is designed in each case in detail according to its function.